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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on November 17, 1999 at 18:14:21:

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: SDF: People who work at hobbies are, of course, working. My point in distinguishing hobbies from necessary labor is that the owning class DOESN'T HAVE TO WORK whereas the working class DOES.


That is a distinction which stands apart from the definition of working.

: One can see this invalidation in a propaganda way, in the way procapitalists on this board credit ENTREPRENEURS, and ONLY ENTREPRENEURS, for making the capitalist world strong, whilst at the same time ignoring the accomplishments of those who poured the concrete, installed the plumbing fixtures, and did so much work only to find that their only reward for such work was a wage.

Is hammering rivets into a bridge the equal of conceiving of, designing and organising the necessary material to make it an actuality? Would the Hoover Damn have existed without Frank Crowe and his 'six companies' contracting enterprise? Presumably he happened along mid construction and appropriated the project? Rivetting is no doubt difficult - but its even more difficult to rivet into nothing when no one has conceived, planned and organised said construction effort.

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