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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on November 18, 1999 at 14:32:17:

In Reply to: Incompatibility Glitches posted by Kweassa on November 18, 1999 at 01:01:08:

: -_-; Well, at least that sounds a LOT simpler than having to measure people's depth of hunger through medical process to give "objectively subjective" basis of price for a lump of bread, which I recall, is what you suggested in defending your own theory of "Objectively Subjective" theory of Value?

Simplicity eh? Yes lets organise other people's lives as long as its simple - or shall we leave it up to them.

We're all stuck on this SUBJECTIVITY-OBJECTIVITY melee.

You certainly appear to be.

: I mean, nobody even got up to the point HOW exploitation is formed, because we're bounded here.

SDFs explanation is an interpretation you might latch on to.

: You said these debates were not aimed at dismissing the LTV. But the thing is, if the LTV cannot be used to calculate meaningful figures regarding 'exploitation, why do we need to maintain it in the first place?

Cost accountants! Except they use the exchange value of labor - not some metaphysical 'true' value of labor.

:I mean, your whole purpose is obviously proving how the value system in Capitalist economy DOES NOT exploit people, no?

It is to demostrate that calculations about amounts 'exploited' dont mean anything because the buyer and what he/she wishes to trade are completely ignored as if they are not part of the process.

: Why would you NOT dismiss LTV when it's whole existence threatens the very heart of current economics?

Becuase it doesn't, quite simply.

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