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Posted by: bill on November 18, 1999 at 18:00:39:

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: : : How come this:

: : : "We are concerned about inequality precisely because it upsets us Emotionally to witness suffering. (and this trait is a biological given - though it may be, and has been, subverted)"

: SDF: I think I'm concerned with inequality not out of any Pavlovian reflex but rather out of the knowledge that everyone could have a BETTER SOCIETY if the "production lines of inequality" were halted once and for all.

Too simplistic. Everybody wants a "BETTER" anything. You have to show whyproduction lines of inequality should be halted. Are you going to appeal to "efficiency"?

This knowledge is a cultural product.

All knowledge is a cultural product. So what?

And what's more, I'm right.

And I'm Always right. (until proven otherwise - then I become right again)

: : : : Then there is the matter of 'creeping privilege'. These are concerns about those objective expressions of values (Me First) that are integral to the Capitalist System.

: SDF: Possessive individualism is culturally-determined too. What's more, I would argue that there are cultural variants upon capitalist systems... US capitalism, British capitalism, Japanese capitalism, etc.

This "capitalism creates its own gravediggers" notion, though, appears to me to be completely unproven.

No. In the sense that "class war" and dialectics is not completely proven.

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