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Posted by: Lark on November 19, 1999 at 10:47:58:

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: ...can be regarded metraphrically in which the "kingdom" is our living environment.

Well I am guilty of the major heresy of pick and mix religion, in Rastapharianism they believe that the earth is literally the kingdom of God and if you invent 'heavens' you are creating false idols, I consider this essentially correct because it is a mark of incredible ingratitude if someone gives you something fine (like 'creation', if you believe that) and you cover it in tar and smash it up and then hand it back (allegorous for the second arrival of JC, if you believe that, or literally as the 'rights of future generations'). However I dont think Salasi is a diety.

: I personally feel closer to our "christian" (insert nearly any faith) socialists than many so-called atheist socialists (even though I happen to be one).

Socialism considered from a sociological or anthropological view is the confluence of libertarianism, egalitarianism, rationalism and moralism, so even the most 'scientific' socialist cant deny, if he is consistantly seeking a humanist project and not a state planning fetish, that there is a ethical or moral dimension to his perspective.

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