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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on November 24, 1999 at 00:42:45:

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It appears that, well before the heist, there has developed a hot debate in regards the proceeds. How very human.

I remember discussing with one Brian Urquart his plan for 'stabilizing' technological development in the world. His argument was that such changes as development fosters brings a destabilizing element to society that inevitably causes wars, employment dislocation, etc. (basically, a sort of neo-Ludditism made popular most recently by the Unibomber). When I asked about how such a 'plan' would be implemented, he became obtuse and vague. So also, this plan for 'allowing' 10-20% of one's earnings to be kept by the earner - the rest presumably to be 'lifted' by the people's representatives, for God knows what. Mr. Stoller is unsatisfied with even this sum, and wants the whole pie!

Get ready folks. Capitalism breeds the seeds of its own downfall, and those 'seeds' are called prosperity and complacence. Don't think that your hard work is enough to justify a good life - especially when you hear the wolves howling 'exploitation of the proletariat' and 'evil capitalist dogs' at the edge of civilization. Best to get ready.

Dr. "Overeducated Conservative Hack Historian" Cruel

(Being 'overeducated' is apparently a crime to the Left - see Pol Pot. As if a Harvard student should talk ...)

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