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Let Them Digest Marx? Where's the Pepto Bismol!

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on November 24, 1999 at 18:59:36:

In Reply to: Let Them Eat Anecdotes posted by Stoller on November 23, 1999 at 16:32:21:

:: Thanks for the anecdotes. Do they contain iron and minerals and other necessary nutrients?

Dear me! We are dealing with a purely theoretical entity here. How mnay times demonstrated does it take to convince you, Barry? 10? 1,000? 1,000,000? 10,000,000? There's quite a few anecdotes out there to see if you got x-ray vision adequate to burn through that copy of "Capital" you have plasterd to your forehead.

If people don't avail themselves of the freedoms they hold is that an endictment of capitalism or just complacency? Perhaps they are satiated with the fruits of capitalism and don't aspire past their current condition, Barry. Did you ever think that? After all, how bad could it be by comparison to be an average American - equity stock owner or not?

: I guess those New York Times and Business Week statistics I provided in the previous post were just so much COMMIE AGIT-PROP, eh?

I don't dispute those facts. They simply don't support a revolution, buddy. Of course, I'm not above enjoying your television debut on the evening news. The story covering your revolution will go something like this;

"Traffic was disrupted on Wall Street today when 14 members of a religious cult carrying posters picturing Karl Marx were arrested for attempting to bomb the Nasdaq exchange."

"After this commercial break we will have Peter Lynch here to discuss the consistantly rising S&P Index in our market report"

"stay tuned, won't you?"

Stuart Gort

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