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Another false alarm, go back to sleep everyone, or Chicken Little squawks again.

Posted by: Frenchy on November 25, 1999 at 12:23:06:

In Reply to: Wake up call to America posted by Lark on November 24, 1999 at 13:36:15:

: America has got to wake up to it's home grown variety of terrorism or it's going to bed time for democracy within it's borders, aside from the maniac facists who seem to be popular enough over there to organise mass armed and enclosed communities (watch what they do when it all it all comes down on new years day with the assistance of Y2K) there are the armed capitalists who peddle vague dumbass notions of anti-statism and utlra violence (Just watch Arlington Road). This is CAPITALISM, it is HATRED, and it is ARMED TO THE TEETH!!

Well, I can see that nothing has changed during my absence. I wonder, does Lark's post count as an example of paranoia? They? Who is 'they'?
Anyways, what in the world is wrong with being armed to the teeth? The folks up in Idaho, I learned, have relatively easy access to weapons, much easier than here in California, yet have a much lower homicide rate than Ca. But in localities with tons of laws directed at idiots, notably Washington DC, the homicide rates are out of sight.
Switzerland is another example of folks being armed to the teeth but not creating havoc because weapons (real assault weapons, not what the pols say is an assault weapon).
Isreal? Same thing.
The notion that there is a correspondence between the number of weapons and the number of violent crimes committed is an old wives tale, like the notion that Communism can be made to work. Without brute state force anyways.
Besides, given the comparative histories of capitalism (which is lifeless on it's own; it does need a political framework in which to survive, ie; the Constitution and the Bill of Rights)and Communism, which is both an economic and political system, anyone can see that it's the Communist state that produces not goods, but corpses.

PS, I'd be more than happy to share the latest info. on property prices in N. Idaho with anyone out there who may be interested.

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