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Check the batteries on your sarcasm detector, Lark.

Posted by: MDG on November 25, 1999 at 15:59:12:

In Reply to: Why is no one listening to me!! posted by lark on November 25, 1999 at 13:00:10:

: : Dude, the stock market is soaring! Don't bother us about those icky militia guys!

: you have armed insane people in your country who will us Y2K to their advantage (we in ours too but they are kinda secret organisations the intentions of nazi's etc. in the US are very clear) and you dont care, the stocks will be about as useful as Chamberlins assurance from Hitler that he wasnt going to invade Poland.

: P.S. What is the trade war with Europe over bannas, GM Poisons and Poisoned meat about? The precident being set by the EU for nations to defy the mandarins of the Privately owned Command Economy in Washington.

Lark, I had colleagues who were killed in Oklahoma City. That could have been me. Informed Americans are very concerned about the various extremist groups who are arming themselves for a supposed coming Apocalypse; some neo-Nazi groups have already declared 1/1/00 as the date of the start of their violent revolution. My point was that our newscasts and politicians only want to talk about the good times and/or the 2000 Presidential election, and talk of extremist violence takes a second place.

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