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The idea of socialism

Posted by: Stoller on November 25, 1999 at 16:30:14:

In Reply to: What's there to defend? posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on November 25, 1999 at 12:20:14:

And I think all 'socialists' willing to defend 'some' inequality and 'some' private property are equally a threat to socialism.

Not that I'm willing to defend either of the above things...

Well, it WOULD be nice if you came strongly OUT against the above qualifications and exemptions once in a while instead of attacking Marxism as vociferously as you have been...

...but this prompted me to ask, "a threat to socialism? What 'socialism' is there to defend? Has the revolution been won already?"

Well, you're not going to like my answer I fear...

Agreeing with Lenin's assessment as I do, I would say that SINCE class consciousness 'can be brought to the workers only from without, that is, only from outside the economic struggle,' then it exists wherever a small group dedicated to the creation of socialism exists.

Even a commune, before it exists, needs a group and a plan...

What I'm 'defending' is nothing more (and nothing less!) than the TERMS by which socialism is defined by.

And that's ALWAYS the start of the struggle to create the viable program and the viable party.

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