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Posted by: borg on November 26, 1999 at 15:19:55:

In Reply to: Nationalism is undoubtably invented. posted by Captain Simple on November 24, 1999 at 17:37:02:

: Nationalism is undoubtably invented. Probably has its roots in feudal systems etc. Nationalism and Patriotism is veiled racism. To be proud to belong to that particular group (through no endevour of your own), suggests that that particular group is in someway inherently superior to other groups. If you are proud to be the nationality that you are, then why? What the hell did you do to be born in that country? What have you done that makes the country so great?

: I find it irrational to associate the personal achievments of yourself with the achievements of the nation (and those who belong to it) into which you have been born.
: I suggest that the main (or only) use of Patriotism is to facilitate the building\maintaining of armies with which to try to build\maintain the nation's economic (and also in some cases political) status by force, and hence feed the beast that is national pride.
: Don't even bother burning the flag. It has no meaning.

Nice post.

I think that today's 'nationalism' is
discovered by looking at how the hapless victims of
the same or competing govts are ravaging the people
of a given area with wars and taxes seemingly without end,
leaving a 'good' reason reason for all the secession
movements going on around the world.

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