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Lark's weak retreat

Posted by: Stoller on November 26, 1999 at 22:33:44:

In Reply to: Did he? posted by Lark on November 26, 1999 at 11:45:11:

: : Since ALL the Bolsheviks were 'tyrants,' why did Stalin KILL all of the Bolsheviks?

: Did he? [!!]I seem to recall that first (along with Lenin and Trotsky) he went for the anarchists and the bolsheviks didnt speak out, then he? went for the socialists and the bolsheviks didnt speak out, then he went for the social democrats and the bolsheviks didnt speak out, then the Bolsheviks where surprised that when he went for them there was no one left to speak out for them.

Stalin had that kind of power while Lenin was live? Citations, please...

It's a fact that Stalin KILLED ALL THE BOLSHEVIKS.

You have yet to suggest WHY.

: : Well, if YOU can find the part in ANY OF SKINNER'S 20 BOOKS where he recommends 'creamatoria and all-seeing spies,' I'd love to have a look...

: As I believe I said before Chomsky was probably being over zealous with that remark...

'Crematoria' is a BIT 'over zealous'? How would you like it if I said Chomsky was advocating gas ovens?

: : Chomsky's outrageous claim is on page 178 of the 1987 Pantheon Chomsky Reader...

: Is that not a shite boring book that goes into his theory of linguistics at length?

Well, if Chomsky's too boring for you to even read, shall we just ACCEPT what he said about Skinner then?

Animal Farm indeed, Lark.

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