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"All that Lenin learned about business offices was that it required
a lot of scribbling, recording and ciphering."

Qx: That's quite the short shrift one gives to the Bolsheviks. It's quite evident from other sources outside of Von Mises's myopic viewpoint that the Bolsheviks had a damn good idea of what gold reserves meant. Of course von Mises had to fulfill his duty as a courtesan of the dismal science for the rich and powerful.

New York Banks And The Russian Revolution

The Soviet Revolution in Russia in 1917 was a Republican affair.The Czar represented the Democrat Party in Russia.The Russian petroleum the only exportable commodity of Russia was controlled by competitors of Rockefeller's group among them Russian capitalists.London interests did not mind the losses as long as they toppled the Tzar . Lenin's State super-capitalism wanted the same the bankers in New York wanted : end economic Democracy. Rothschild's support to members of London's
Parliament changed from Conservative Disraeli to Liberal and back to Torry. Just as the position of their Churchill agents changed too.

In 1926 after the triumph of the Revolution Stalin recognized Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company the sole distributor of all the
oil of Russia. This was 6 million barrels a year.A ton of oil has depending on the quality or weight of the oil approximately 7.2
barrels.By 1928 Standard Oil was handling 22 million barrels from Russia.Britain the looser broke relations with Stalin in 1927.
Rockefeller bought Noble's oil rights in Russia as an indemnity for the money Noble was going to loose.Rothschild also got an indemnity in the form of some deals in California Cayuga oil fields in 1920.Rothschild's Royal Dutch Shell bought Mexican Eagle in 1917.They also divided among themselves the oil of Iraq which used to belong to Turkey until 1918. Lenin was backed by the Army of the Prussian Kaiser who was the equivalent to the Republican Party in Berlin.The Kaiser had eliminated
Chancellor Bismarck the Democrat Party in Berlin in 1892. Lenin and Stalin were internationalists who just used Russia in an ill fated attempt to take over all Europe and destroy it.

Lenin's Revolution was supported by the large banks of New York associated to Rockefeller such as Kuhn Loeb (Jacob Schiff) and Guaranty Trust of Morgan.Rockefeller and Morgan got together in the American International Corporation; Stillman acted as intermediary; to transfer funds to the Revolution. Rockefeller financed the 2 Soviet Revolutions 1895 and 1917 through their agent in Kiev and later in Stockholm, Olof Aschberg, of "NYA Banken"(Later "Svensk Ekonomiebalaget").Rothschild and his associate financed the Revolution through the same bank in Stockholm and through Furstenberg.Aschberg was later organizer of the Soviet Bank of Foreign Trade among whose directors was Max May a vice
President of Guaranty Trust(Morgan).They and the Japanese also used the Red Cross to organize and transfer funds to the Bolsheviks through William Boyce Thompson who had been a manager of Guggenheim's copper company and a Director of New York's Federal Reserve Bank(1914).Kuhn Loeb is known for bringing about the merger of the Chase National Bank to Manhattan Bank to form the Chase Manhattan Bank.The Chase Manhattan did not open office in Moscow until 1973.


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