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there was a lot of diversity in Hitlers Germany I hear.

Posted by: Lark on November 29, 1999 at 12:34:17:

In Reply to: Hey! That's what 'diversity' means! posted by Frenchy on November 26, 1999 at 11:30:28:

: Hey! That's what 'diversity' means! nyuk nyuk nyuk.

It's just plain stupid to talk about how great diversity is when some of the diversifiers are dead set against it, there was a lot of diversity in Hitlers Germany I hear.

: Anti-armed is anti-guns.

Anti-armed meat head capitalists who are going to kill and maim civil society because they are on some twisted moral crusade against 'the state' or 'the abortionists' or 'the mud people' etc. etc. it's probubly easier to condone murder if you dont have to think of the victims as people, oh, I forgot the great patriotic american virtue is not to think at all just spin off lines from textbooks and make ready your rifles.

I'm not anti-gun, guns are inanimate objects but have you looked at the arms related violence and murder rates ratio in your laissez faire hell in contrast to that of the decent upstanding mixed economies of the netherlands, sweden, switzerland (a prime example), norway or denmark?

: The Swiss, of all people, could rightfully be considered to be the most conservative of the conservative. They didn't get to be one of the worlds richest and most prosperous nation with an exceedingly high standard of living by engaging in the 'third-way'.

See that's where you dont know what your talking about at all Mr. because I've studied the welfare regimes through out Europe and they are what you would call 'positively communist', since you dont like any kind of social cohesion promoting tactics, with their social security etc.

The 'third way' fucks nations because it's laissez faire carried on by suttle means, talking left and walking right.

: Oh, yeah, the innocent Palestinians...

Yes the INNOCENT PALESTINIANS!! I know your over loaded with all the US ministry of Propaganda bullshit about how every muslim and palestinian is a fundamentalist bomber and that Isreal is some kind of embattled liberal democracy, that's just rubbish!!

Isreal was a state conceived in a violent terrorist campaign against the British and maintained through a violent compaign against the indigenous population, hey, that's something you should know about Yankee taking all that 'indian' land.

: Did you know that the Muir Building was blown up on the anniversary of this government's brave assault on approx. 90 innocent people, including women and children in a place called Waco?

Oh, What? You want me to cry for the child molesting bastards at Waco? For the Brutalistic Regime of a Religious Despot marked for his hatred of Catholics and belief that he was Jesus Christ? Oh, I'm really sorry that that neo-conservative hell was wasted in a fit of carnage, I'm sorry I couldnt lend a hand that is!!

If your annoyed about your government killing it's citizens gungho like perhaps you should consider ways of increasing democratic control instead of mumbling paranoid nonsense about the UN and blowing the crap out of people that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it!! And dont give me your shit because all my life I've lived in a country where 'revenge killings' and 'retaliation' where/are the norm and you dont want to start that.

:I imagine when the Minute Men beat the crap out of the Red-coats in Lexington there were a bunch of 'Lords' standing around in London saying the same thing that your saying; "Colonial Patriots + Tom Paine and his broadsheets + access to muskets = Boston Tea Party".

And the Minute Men where the same as the neo-conservative arseholes who are laying claim to there name? I'm sure, incidentially Tom Paine's Commonsense and How to improve the condition of the peoples of Europe = Early Socialism, that's, I take it, that you arent keen on wealth redistribution.

: "Post-Modernism", I've never understood why so many people lend so much credence to pop sociological terms. What happens after 'Post-Modernism'? 'Hyper-post Modernism'? It's a term that is supposed to make one seem intelligent, like when one uses 'surplus value'.

Post-modernism is a myth invented by capitalists to try and annihilate political discourse that threatens their grip on power and to pretend that we're all friends now and there's no class war, well it's hard to be friendly with a class of people that are prepared to fuck you up the ass next opportunity they get!!

I'd have thought you'd care about surplus value, afterall your being overcharged and your 'freemarket' breeds an army, a legion, of price hiking middle men.

: Hey, here's one for you; you think that the threat is from racists OK. So, tell me, what do the stats show in regards to black on white vs. white on black violent crimes? This may surprise you.

What are you a victim now? I'm supposed to feel sorry for the poor terrorised middleclass white American? If the ratio's that bad can I ask you one question, would you like to wake up tommorrow as a black, facing all the problems they do of racism from the state, society etc.

Hey actually I believe that the amount of white violence against blacks in the UK is higher than black violence on whites and even when the police have to pay attention they either support the racists or cover up the crime on thier behalf.

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