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It's worse---it's confusion.

Posted by: Stoller on November 30, 1999 at 10:28:26:

In Reply to: You want to test my weakness because this is no retreat. posted by Lark on November 29, 1999 at 15:00:55:

: : Stalin had that kind of power while Lenin was live? Citations, please...

: So you doubt my word? Check out 'Stalin didnt fall from the sky' by the Irish Works Solidarity Movement (available from AK press)...

And maybe YOU should should check out Deutscher's definitive biography Stalin or Trotsky's Revolution Betrayed...

: : It's a fact that Stalin KILLED ALL THE BOLSHEVIKS.

: That's clever that shrinking the horror of whole regime and then blaming it on an individual, hey, perhaps it's not capitalism at all that's at fault but Tony Blair or Bill Clinton Personally.

I've already acknowledged that the incresed centralization of the Bolshevik's govenment was partly culpable for Stalin's usurption of the government here.

: : You have yet to suggest WHY [Stalin killed the Bolsheviks].

: Why did Stalin kill that Bolsheviks, Stalin killed anyone who opposed him...

That's right...

: ...and believed that the monarchy like rule of his regime was Socialism par execellance...


Are you trying to say that the Bolshevik's 'believed that the monarchy like rule of his regime was Socialism par execellance'?

Then Stalin wouldn't have killed them, he would have PROMOTED them!

Or---if what your unclear statement is saying is Stalin killed the Bolsheviks because they DID NOT agree 'monarchy like rule of his regime was Socialism par execellance,' then you HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY QUESTION SENSIBLY.

: : 'Crematoria' is a BIT 'over zealous'? How would you like it if I said Chomsky was advocating gas ovens?

: I wouldnt care, his ideas are his, mine are mine, he might make statements or have insights that interest me or give me cause for thought but I dont venerate him in the manner you do Skinner or Trotsky etc...

Well, that's a dodge.

: : Well, if Chomsky's too boring for you to even read, shall we just ACCEPT what he said about Skinner then?

: Chomsky's not to boring for me to read, I just dont appreciate reading his views on linguistics at length because they dont interest me.

Does a book called The Chomsky Reader sound like a technical work to you? It's his greatest hits, for cryin' out loud!

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