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Posted by: Frenchyu on November 30, 1999 at 10:53:58:

In Reply to: A Tale of Two Worlds posted by Krasny on November 29, 1999 at 12:16:57:

: *Sounds very similiar to the story here in California about 6 months ago when 12 "illegals" (those men/woman/children/ who slave for less than minimum wage in the 100+ heat to protect you and I from having to pay one nickel more than we need to for that head of lettuce) were found asphyxiated to death in the back of the moving van employed to transport them to the field... including two girls aged 9 and 11. No charges were filed against the owner of the field.

Yeah, those sorts of things are always happening along the border from Texas to California. Things aren't so hot in Mexico either I guess if people are begging to work in the fields for a buck an hour.
If they were illegals, how would any field owners be responsible? Besides, aren't the real problems in semi-dictatorships like Mexico and Cuba?

: Cuba is a Third World nation under a 38 year embargo enforced by the most powerful nation on the planet which offers automatic citizenship to any Cuban who washes up on our shores (care to examine what happens to Haitian boat people or Mexicans or Guatemalans who cross the border escaping US sponsored poverty and oppression??). This is a First World country and arguably the wealthiest nation in history. What's our excuse?

You have the typically "looking at the wrong end of the telescope" disease commonly found on this board. While it's true we instituted an embargo it's equally true that Cuba had access to markets in S. America, the Soviet Union (ooops, that went belly-up, didn't it?) China (why isn't there more fraternal assistance coming from there to Cuba? They are after all trying to get into Long Beach and Panama...), and a lot of European nations as well. Could it be that the return on equity in Cuba is zero point shit? Perhaps....
"US sponsored poverty and oppression"...stock Cold War boiler-plate rhetoric...MarxSpeak for fostering envy and a false sense of entitlement amongst uneducated and manipulable simple folk.

: Not holding my breath for an answer...* --K



PS, why do I get all this stuff with the carots at the ends? Is that something that you have to type in? Are you using linux?
Yup, I'm computer illiterate....duh.

McSpotlight: They're standard html tags; in this case, they point to an animated .gif file located on Krasny's site.

Frenchy; you're probably seeing them because your browser is either broken in some way or doesn't support animated .gifs.

Krasny; did you know that Unisys (which owns the LZW-compression method used to produce .gif images) is trying to crack down on people using .gifs without a licence? If you didn't use a commercial image manipulation tool to make that animated .gif, then Unisys could charge you $5,000 for using their compression algorithm.

(Which has had the effect of causing an uproar among the geek community and a rapid move to the free .png format, which isn't covered by a stupid licence.)

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