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Double standards, between nations, is normal diplomatic behavior...

Posted by: Frenchy on November 30, 1999 at 22:22:32:

In Reply to: Castro and Trujillo OR, time for some reason posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on November 30, 1999 at 18:58:34:

: : :
: : : : He, along with a dozen or so adults decided they had enough of the Workers Paradise (yes, even with job rotation)...

: : : Care to cite some substantive authorities on Cuban 'job rotation', Frenchy?

: : : Or do you just get so whipped up when you post you just make stuff up like a certain ex-pResident who lost his marbles?

: : OOOOPSSS! Caught!! Damn I hate that!
: : OK, You win, I lose. I have no idea wheather or not they rotate jobs in Cuba.
: : Here's some other things that I don't know about Cuba; I don't know what side of the street they drive on, I don't know if there is a chapter of the NRA in Havana, I don't know the population of Cuba, I don't know how much a McDonalds Double Cheese Burger costs, I don't know...you get the idea.
: : What I do know though is that there are a heck of a lot of ex-Cubans who are now living in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. And I also know that if Castro opened the doors he'd be the last guy to turn out the lights.
: : Oh, I almost forgot, something else I don't know about Cuba; I don't know how much longer it'll last till it collapses.
: : PS, If Castro had come to Seattle for the WTO, would he have been arrested for ordering the shootdown of those two private cessenas a couple of years ago? Remember? A couple of Mig's shot down two civilian cessenas. Boy, real Cuban aces!! LOL!

: Good God Frenchy. You'll stop at nothing to make a cheap and slanderous point. Here's my question for you. Back when Trujillo, the "Defender of Western Civilization" was still in charge of the DR, an American academic wrote a PhD thesis analyzing his right-wing tyrannical regime. Trujillo had the academic picked up off the streets of New York, flown down to Santo Domingo, where Trujillo personally beat the man, then had him boiled alive and fed to his private sharks. For good measure, Trujillo then had the Yankee pilot who'd flown him down killed as well.
: That's two Americans horribly tortured to death for merely speaking their minds. I don't recall teh US placing sanctions on Trujillo, do you? We just kept tolerating him, until he almsot provoked a war with Venezuela....but that's a different story. Now two Americans who were distributing seditious matrerial illegally in Cuban airspace were shot down, after being warned, and the US responds with sanctions. CAre to explain the double standard?

Hey, cheap and slanderous beats puffed up dissertatations pretending deep thought!
I'll give you what I think is a reasonable for the double standards. Trujillo was our guy. That's the whole thing. As long as he was willing to play ball with us he could run his country any damn way he pleased. It's a sad fact that during the Cold War we were in bed with a bunch of bad guys. That's how things are done. I mean, look at the pact Stalin made with Hitler. Look at the treaty we subsequently signed with Stalin.
Now, I'm answering this assuming that what your saying is true. I don't for a moment doubt that those sorts of things happen in countries aligned with the US, but they happen in most countries except those that practice Western style Democracy. Care for some examples? The important thing is to keep those hell holes over there, not here. If they want the freedoms that we have here let them arm themselves and fight for it (of course the cure may be worse than the disease. Look at Afghanistan. I suspect that cultural underpinnings, things like fair play, cooperation, trust towards your fellow man, respect for the law, have a lot to do with a successful revolution).

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