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Zimbabwe, another socialist success....ohhhhh, Nickel Jack......

Posted by: Frenchy on November 30, 1999 at 22:22:47:

I know that some of you will consider showing the wonders of another workers paradise in it's full glory as sacreligeous, but what the heck...

Beat whites, Zimbabwe blacks urged

By Anton La Guardia in Johannesburg

ZIMBABWEAN MPs have called on blacks to attack whites on the
of the capital,
Harare, in the latest racist diatribe from President Mugabe's ruling

"Time has come when instant justice must be meted out," said Moses

Mvenge, chief whip of the
ruling Zanu-PF party during a debate on Thursday night.

One MP said whites should be beaten in Harare's main thoroughfare,
Street, to deter
"racism". Another denounced Indians who own property in the city
and white farmers who
control most of the country's best farmland. "I think what our
Rhodesians want is force. A racist
must taste his or her own medicine," one MP, Michael Mataure, told
applauding colleagues in

Zimbabwe is living through its worst economic crisis since the end of
white minority rule in the
former Rhodesia in 1980. Inflation is running at about 70 per cent,
health services are in chaos
and thousands of Zimbabweans die every month of Aids. There has
been a
rise in hostile rhetoric
against the 70,000 whites who still live in the country, led by the
president, who has threatened to
confiscate their farms without compensation if Britain does not pay.

I'll keep my eye-balls peeled for other interesting tid-bits about some of the other places you mentioned....

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