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Frenchy's Projection

Posted by: Quincunx on December 01, 1999 at 10:24:28:

In Reply to: A splendid example of projection... posted by Frenchy on November 30, 1999 at 22:20:53:

F: I won't bother to respond to your counterpoints but instead ask you to try to see how another may view your post.

Qx: How about if we just see your posting as the shallow-minded jargon of a courtier.
F: We disagree at a fundamental level and that's fine,

Qx: Actually, not really. What you have done is drag up dumb McCarthyite parallels when commenting upon "socialism" and perpetuate lies.

F:but what's striking is that you are so condescending yourself towards others.

Qx: That's really quite the dodge here Frenchy. It's pretty much in line with your attampt to get posters here to reveal their vocational skills and blather on about "job creation". Of corse, going to Seattle this week might delay any attempt to help your friends at the WTO.

F: But I've got a treat for you and the other 'intellkchualls' written by Von Mises...you'll love how he views 'intelktallls' of the pink variety.

Qx: Cool! You're gonna tell us more rigged rhetorical spin that will be debunked here for fun.

F: PS, in regards to getting really annoyed...sue me.

Qx: What's the use? You've already done a great job at discrediting yourself.

F: Here's something you can take to your lawyer; people who view lack of freedom in places like S. Korea without comparing the situation vis-a-vis N. Korea are really dumb.

Qx: No need for lawyers on this one. Where there's lack of freedom in one place, it is in that one place where it's especially relevent. By the way, do you think North Koreans are stupid enough to mistake the current situation in South Korea for freedom? Do you really think they want Western-style capitalism as an alternative to their own state-capitalist hermit kingdom? I don't think so.

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