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'DANGER ANARCHISTS!!' hysteria again

Posted by: lark on December 01, 1999 at 15:54:04:

In Reply to: protests, hmmm posted by Gee on December 01, 1999 at 10:36:47:

: The expression 'shooting yourself in the foot' seems appropriate. The WTO couldn't have wished for more positive publicity. Why do protestors, given such an opportunity in relatively free countries to speak out, mess it up by appearing to be 'looneys' who just wreck things for the hell of it?

Well that's how the media would wish to portray the events. It's whole 'DANGER ANARCHISTS!!' hysteria again Gee, as to the turning over of the police van, one of those was used in a unprovoked ramming of demonstraters the last time a protest like this took place and maybe they where jsut making a preemptive strike.

:A Londoner I know e-mailed me that there were some people handing out envelopes purporting to be information but actually containing razor blades so arranged to hurt people!

That could well have happened, that's a Combat 18 (Neo-Nazi Paramilitaries)tactic and I wouldn't put it past them to try and act as agent provocateurs in a situation like this. I've seen footage too of a lot of Trots at the march and if that was anything to go by there was probably a lot of people there who wherent even Reclaim the Streets at all just 'hangers on' and 'hooligans'.

Of course if your associate was a business professional then they may have fallen foul of some lefty thugs tactics but then you get crap like that on all sides, does more harm than good.

: Please tell me it was a tiny minority spoiling it for everyone plus some hamfisted policing. Mcspotlight usually has some 'in' knowledge about. maybe some other posters do too.

That analysis is right bad policing plus a head banger element.

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