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You're the optimist, eh?

Posted by: MDG on December 01, 1999 at 17:36:25:

In Reply to: Give Clinton a break or break Clinton? posted by lark on December 01, 1999 at 16:50:30:

: : I'm no fan of Clinton, Lark, except when contrasted with the Republican loonies in Congress. Still, perhaps we ought to give the guy a break when he actually says something sensible, as in including the protesters' voices in WTO talks. After all, Clinton could have taken a hardline, Nixonian stance, and then what would we say -- fuck off?

: Clinton is going to emerge a hero from this round of talks, well for liberals anyway, with his supposedly inclusive agenda and why isnt there a greater role for labour in the WTO plans but dont get excited just yet because it's all clever machavellianism.

: Clinton knows that the protestors represent such a diverse number of voices and causes that they could never appoint representative 'voices' even if they wanted to.

: Next of all the supposed 'Labour dimension' to the WTO is a last ditch concession to try and buy of the opposition, the fact that the WTO, the strong arm of Corporate america, is in such diffs and has become so unpopular is unerving for Clintons corporate bosses so it's damage limitation time and an effort to bail out the WTO before people start to go for the jugular of corporate capitalism and world privatisation is on.

All true (unless Clinton's seen the light. Ya think?). Maybe people
will go for corp. cap's jugular, or maybe they'll be crushed underfoot by overwhelming force, or maybe they'll be numbed into submission. Personally, I don't see any revolution coming, unless it's the fascist rev.

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