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More on revolution (and rotation)

Posted by: Stoller on December 02, 1999 at 00:18:12:

In Reply to: or something posted by Gee on December 01, 1999 at 10:37:06:

: : I never said that communism would be utopia. Slackers, shirkers, criminals, even dangerous drivers---as I adumbrated here---would be 'dealt with' just as capitalist law 'deals with' law-breakers...

: Unless they are in so vast a number...

I never implied that revolutions pop out of the blue, Gee. Only terrorists and adventurists think that.

If the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of society rejects changing the social relations, then it won't happen.

Only when the social relations are UNBEARABLE will revolution be possible.

Lenin: '[R]evolution is impossible without a nation-wide crisis (affecting both the exploited and the exploiters).'


: There are physical jobs and physical jobs. Not every one goes down a salt mine - it may be sweeping up for some people. Sweeping up, library admin and brain surgery as a mix may be seen as privileged when compared to salt mining, public complaints handler and specialist sewer engineer as a mix. How will you see to 'fairness'?

The physical jobs---like the administrative jobs---should be rotated EVENLY (taking into account empirical assessment such as capability to do certain jobs, not to mention attempting to get as much volunteerism into things as possible). Only specialized fields will not be widely rotated. I think everyone should wash dishes, mine mines (unless they're old or have disabilities), watch children, tend assembly lines, etc., etc., etc. This way, no SINGLE job will ever become unpleasant---because everyone (NOT including our grandmothers, perhaps!) will have to face all the physical (unskilled is actually a better definition) tasks in society as a whole.

The 'fairness,' I think, will emerge from the rotation of the ADMINISTRATION of these decision.

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