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Mass arrests.

Posted by: Kilroy on December 02, 1999 at 00:21:21:

Well I think the right-to-assemble environment that existed here yesterday is all but gone today. Despite the tales of "massive violence in Seattle" really it was pretty tame. Tuesday morning saw some violence by the WTO convention center, but during the day peaceful protest was had. Of course, at night things got pretty ugly, but the looters should be shot anyway, really. Not *violent protestors*, looters. Today there won't be a chance for non-violent protest even during the day. The police are now superior in numbers to the protestors, as well as better equiped. So far (12 pm wed) they've arrested almost 200 people. The people they've arrested were just standing around or assembling somewhere downtown - they weren't destroying anything or being violent. The state of civil emergency pretty much allows the police to do whatever they want. And guess what? They're arresting people who have gas-masks. They want to tear-gas without having to worry about people with gas masks.

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