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I highly resent your insinuation

Posted by: David ( USA ) on December 02, 1999 at 10:49:05:

In Reply to: the time honoured fashion of fascist obediance posted by lark on December 01, 1999 at 11:22:59:

: : : This just in: at the WTO Summit in Seattle, protesters chained themselves together and lay down in the road to disrupt the meetings. Illegal? Yes. Violent? No. So how did the police respond? They bombarded them with red pepper tear gas. Now maybe things will turn even more violent. Lesson: expect to be assaulted when you stand between big business and their profits.

: : Or when you break the law and refuse to submit to arrest. That one will also get you assualted.

: In the time honoured fashion of fascist obediance we have the neo-conservative response to state violence, it was way different at Waco wasnt it? The rights of unstanding capitalist citizens where being threatened, never mind that there was a wil' bit of child molesting going on.

First of all, I was merely stating that they were not being assualted and arrested because they were protesting, they were assualted and (at least some of them)arrested because they were breaking the law and resisting arrest.

Secondly, I highly resent your insinuation that I defend those religious freaks in Waco. I have never insinuated that you are a proponent of something you are not (like Stalinism, Bolshevism, or any other pro-massacre regime) and I excpect the same sort of consideration.

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