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OK, I'll give you that one, on technical basis.

Posted by: Frenchy on December 02, 1999 at 11:03:52:

In Reply to: One more time: the mass media isn't liberal. posted by MDG on December 02, 1999 at 00:18:28:

: : I saw the morning papers this morning all carried a picture of a young lady with a cut over her right eye. A trickle of blood appeared, nearly reaching the the bottom of her nose, an inch and a half, possibly two inches. Insignificant, yet deserving a quarter panel in some papers.

: I thought that pic summed up the human emotions and intensity of the situation. Would you have preferred a gunshot wound?

LOL! Intensity?? She got a scratch for God's sake! She may have gotten it buy tripping on her shoelaces, or even from one of the other demonstrators.
Ever see a gunshot wound?

: : Tell me again the mass media isn't liberal.

: It's not liberal, it's corporatist. The handful of giant corporations which own most of the media will publicize that which furthers their corporate agendas, ignore (or try to bury) that which opposes their agendas, and publish all the rest without a care.

OK, I'll give you that, their corporatist. But they hire very liberal columnists; Ivins, Cockburn, Matthews, Germond, Rowan etc. Sure, there are some conservative ones, but their in the minority. And besides, I'm sure that your well read enough to know that a high per centage, approx. 80-90%, of reporters consider themselves as Liberal.

: : Rx; wipe of the blood and apply a band-aid. Don't use your head for a baton stop, it's not what God had in mind for it.

: That's idiotic.

What part is idiotic?

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