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Dear Quacks, do you ever get nosebleeds up there on that pedestal? no text...

Posted by: Frenchy on December 02, 1999 at 11:04:01:

In Reply to: Stewing in Desperation posted by Quincunx on December 02, 1999 at 00:22:43:

: JJ: I live in Seattle proper and most of what went on had not much at all to do with the WTO.

: Qx: Most of what was shown on television Joel? Well, what do you expect out of corporate media? Do you really think they would talk much about the real issues and decide to not give camera priority to people tossing things about and then repeating the footage over and over again?

: JJ: The Labor protestors marched peacefully from about 10 a.m. to about 1 p.m. and then quietly dispersed.

: Qx: Of course, it was an AFL-CIO dominated march and that just about says it all.

: JJ: "The Punks" started really showing force at about 12 noon, probably just waking up after a late night of doping themselves out, and began throwing shit around. Interviewers went around asking them about their views and it became quite clear that most out "protesting" were just there to have fun and excitement or didn't have a clue what they were protesting.

: Qx: It's interesting how you basically describe your own biases when narrating your own televion viewing. Did it ever occur to you that once something like that happened then television stations would immediately be playing it to the hilt. So I ask you a question: Do you have a clue as to what you are protesting?

: JJ: Most of what happened was pointless rubbish. One man was caught by interviewers making off with a portion of the NIKETOWN sign hanging over Nike's flagship Seattle store. And he admitted that he neither knew nor cared about what the WTO was doing but that he was out there "because it's coo' man".

: Qx: Perhaps he just didn't care about how a television camera crew would portray him and besides all that, even though I don't care for vandalism, the trashing of Nike was indeed very pointed.

: JJ: I do feel sorry for the labor protestors, although I feel they were misguided, who ended up getting tarred with the misdeeds of all the lefty nutcases who simply have no clue.

: Qx: Actually, Joel, you've been protesting of the "New World Order" yourself on this bulletin board but do you have the cahones to go to downtown Seattle and protest this New World Order? You might even learn not to rant so much while doing the funky chicken.

: JJ: Again, by and large this was no vast outpouring of knowledgeable anti-WTO outrage, but simply anarcisistic exhibition by the more infantile section of the population.

: Qx: As usual, you've come to conclusions manufactured by corporate media and tailor made just for you.

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