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SDF in the Basement, Barry on the Roof.

Posted by: Lark on December 02, 1999 at 11:12:08:

SDF you posted a link, which I found entertaining and interesting I might add, about 'Socialism from below' not so long ago and I was wondering just what your opinions and all where on this phenomena.

I regard it as broadly progressive that is finally striking home amongst the ranks of some bolsheviks (they defended the SWP while launching a fairly inaccurate assault on anarchists) that democracy and liberty are worth something, perhaps with the infusion of a humanist dimension they could become closer to Marx (well when he wasnt in a self-important authoritarian mood).

I'd also like to know Barry's view because it appears to be a fairly sound rebuke of his bolshevism, and all the centralist vanguardism that entails, from a Marxist perspective (the human perspective is the most important though in my opinion I care little for idolitrous admiration some people have for Great Men and Grand Thinkers, it's a bit close to the whole 'Man and Superman' thing of the facists).

See you all next week.

All Power the the Seattle Protest.


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