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Are you now or have you ever been a member of a Fascist Party?

Posted by: Lark on December 02, 1999 at 11:41:32:

In Reply to: If it looks like a duck, and Qx like a duck... posted by Frenchy on December 02, 1999 at 11:03:23:

: VERY GOOD response! Isn't this called 'kill the messenger'? Ah yes, the wonders of the 'liberal mind'. You and your fellow travellers claim to want to free man from the oppressions of the state, but it looks like what you really mean is that you want to cram your ideology down everybody else's throats.

What od you mean very good response?! I havent seen yours yet!! Who are you going to wheel out next 'The horrors of communism' by A. Hitler, 'Communism a Zionist Plot' by H. Gurring? Or perhaps 'scourge of communism' Davey Duke?

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