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...which is rich, coming from the AWB spokesdroid.

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on December 02, 1999 at 13:51:41:

In Reply to: Spoken like a true budding totalitarian. posted by Frenchy on December 02, 1999 at 11:06:35:

: : That's because you're scientifically uninformed and don't realise where things like breatheable atmospheres come from. Or that they can be destroyed.

: With science having been politicized by the Left, it's possible for two opposing ideas to come to the same conclusion today anymore. Experts disagree about interpreting data re; ozone, global warming.

OK, take a look at the evidence just in; the ice thickness in the North Polar Region has decreased by an average of 30% over the last 30 years. Every month so far this year has seen an average temperature higher than the previous record average temperature; on average, each month has broken the record. The mean global surface temperature has now risen 0.5 degrees C in the last 25 years. The Atlantic cod are looking for colder waters. Thanks to global warming, Europe may be facing a Siberian climate within the next 10 to 15 years.

(Those have all come from articles in various publications within the last 2 weeks. They're about as up-to-date as you can get.)

There comes a point at which you have to admit that something is happening; and while the global warming sceptics are a necessary part of the debate, the balance of the evidence shows them to be wrong.

: If you got the straight skinny you ought to straighten these people out.

Some folks will say black is white if paid enough.

: : I don't think even the US authorities would be stupid enough to do such a thing; but it's just the sort of thing a few Cuban exiles in a Cessna could do.

: Oh, yeah, I hadn't even thought of that. Cuban exiles murdering their own relatives.

Yeah, like Luis Posada Carriles - who was employed by the CANF (Cuban American National Foundation) to smuggle cocaine into the US; this is the same man who was responsible for blowing up a Cuban airliner with 73 people on board.

And it's the CANF who were behind this summer's series of car bombs in Cuba; they're obviously really careful about human life, those exiles.

Face it, the Cuban exiles and their CANF are a bunch of far-right extremists who don't give too much of a damn about human lives. They've hired terrorists, funded attacks and sent people "fishing" - just off the Cuban shore with high-velocity rifles.

And ask yourself exactly *who* founded the CANF...?

Let's look at the history of biowarfare in Cuba...

Read that link; if only half of what it says is true, the US has engaged in illegal biowarfare (at the behest of the Cuban exiles and the CIA) over a dozen times in Cuba on a continuous basis from 1961 to 1995.

Do you really think that an aircraft capable of landing a large dose of a particularly nasty retrovirus like Ebola would be allowed to intrude on Cuban airspace; when the enemies of Cuba are engaging in biowarfare on a continuous basis?

(Note: I'm not defending Cuba here; and I suspect the claims are exagerrated; which is why I threw out half of the claims straight away. Even so, there's enough evidence to convict.)

: Technically yeah, but c'mon, we're talkin' about two Cessnas!

Like I said, you could wipe out the entire population of France with a teaspoonful of Botulinus toxin. Cessnas can carry more than just a teaspoon of the stuff.

: Besides, if these guys had been up to no good, they probably wouldn't have done it in an unpressureized airplane with a top speed of something around 150 knots in broad daylight announcing their flight plan.

They announced that they were going to drop leaflets; this requires low flying and low speed; but it's also the ideal approach for the distribution of bioagents. Would you trust a group with a history of bioterrorism if they declared they were just coming to drop leaflets?

: : If either country actually achieves democracy I'll be damn surprised.

: Chinese dissidents come here when they want security from the power of the Chinese Communist Government. They might disagree with your premise that we don't have a democracy.

Which means nothing more than that the US is remarkably adept at portraying itself as a democracy, not that it actually is one.


: : Feel free to continue using an insecure and creaky OS if you like; those of us with the wit to know better will be running 64-bit chips, 140GB FMD-ROMs and Linux.

: : : I ain't gonna read 'Das Kapital' and I ain't gonna teach myself computer programming. Ain't gonna happen.

: : And because you won't, you'll end up doing what I tell you, if I choose to, because I can. I'm not saying it's "right", but you're going to be in the same position as an illiterate in today's society - second-class.

: Spoken like a true budding totalitarian. Wouldn't it be ironic if you did save the world from capital only to have it enslaved by you because you have the potential to do it and then did it?

I'd never do it; because I reject utterly the idea of central authority. I believe too strongly in direct participatory democracy to try becoming that.

However, if nothing else, the Open Source movement that produces Linux and the like shows that a co-operative not-for-immediate-profit approach can outcompete an arch-capitalist one on all of the major points; quality, price, reliability and adaptability.

And people who insist on staying wedded to the old model; the closed capitalist company, are going to be left in our dust; unable to compete.

I can get a fully-working suite of software from SuSE for 35; anyone who buys a PC readymade with Windows preloaded would have to spend well over 2000 on similar software.

The operating system is free; as opposed to Windows' 80.

You will be a second-class citizen not because of my oppression; but because of your own choice; and your inability to accept and work with change; rather like a caveman muttering about how stupid that lot using this "fire" stuff are.

: Would you get the last laugh, or would I??

Let's see. I'm not going to oppress or sideline you; but you're entirely welcome to render yourself obsolete if you want to.


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