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Care to name a single nation in the world that does have open borders?

Posted by: Frenchy on December 03, 1999 at 11:22:44:

In Reply to: Remember 'liberty enlightening the world' was a gift from france posted by Lark on December 02, 1999 at 11:11:28:

: : Second, although I defend the idea of Capitalism and consider myself a capitalist and love my country, you are mistaken in believing that I have any high regards for this administration or most of the current political system.

: That's a load of fucking shit, if you cared about your country, which is a collective identity I might add, you'd be anti-capitalist, you've more loyalty to coca-cola or microsoft than the stars and stripes!

I see you've taken a double of stupid pills this morning.

: Remember 'liberty enlightening the world' was a gift from france and your nation is a nation of immigrants, that's stolen land your living on, recently stolen land and another thing, I very much doubt if any neo-conservative like yourself would agree with the free immigration inscription on the statue of liberty either 'Bring me your etc. etc. etc.'

Care to name a single nation in the world that does have open borders? What good would it do to allow a half billion Chinese into America? Do you think living standards would improve, or decrease? Your confusing poetry with Constitutional responsibilities. Many immigrants do in fact immigrate here, but they arrive as stipulated by law, this countries laws. To me it sounds as if you want individuals to be their own soverign entities, deciding for themselves what is acceptable to them and what is not acceptable. But if this is your position, why in the world are you critisising my beleifs?
The charges of land having been stolen by immigrants is fashionable revisionist history, suitable for the very naive and uncurious, but worse than that it shows the inability to put yourself in the position of real flesh and blood people who lived centuries ago and to imagine yourself what the world looked like to them. That's why for people like you history is not something to gain insight to the human condition but rather a blunt instrument with which to use in bulldozing your 'Utopia'.

: Or perhaps your one of illuminati Mason scum who wish to rule the world vie the not so subtle system of international banking (havent you noticed the Free Mason Temple on your bank notes) and corporations.

Being a Catholic I'm aware of the Masons, so that's a non-starter (a traditional Catholic, not, repeat, not, a Novo Ordinian).

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