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I think you underestimate the ability of the popular political will to achieve all things

Posted by: Lark on December 03, 1999 at 14:23:38:

In Reply to: More like him. posted by Dr. Cruel on December 02, 1999 at 10:50:56:

: You're not so bad yourself. Except, of course, when you start to sharpen you knives.

Compared to Frenchy the Facist and Joel the pretender to the throne of intellectual neo-toryism I'm really glad you frequent this chat room too Dr. but your statements about violent counter-revolution and the fact that you appear to really want a revolution so that you could have something to fight do give me cause for concern, what if it was a democratic revolution? Would it still be violently resisted?

(Statement about Kropotkin and Co.)

Interesting enough and a very good point Dr. but the way in which I view duty, and I do call it that not choice, is if someone buy their course of action mureders of causes similar harm they are going against their duty to live peacefully in the community, if someone through risky ventures etc. causes high unemployment etc. they have similarly trasgressed and require punishment form the community, if you dont like the word 'state' etc. then use something else the reasoning is the same.

: Simply, for a socialist utopia to exist, it must have capitalists to pay for it. If such an eventuality is your goal, you "ought" to make such a society worth the investment of said capitalist patrons. The U.S. has been fairly successful in this goal, and thus, is a wealthy and prosperous country - even for the "poor".

Interesting argument, I think you underestimate the ability of the popular political will to achieve all things, including economic miracles.

: We have met the revolution, and he is ... us.



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