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'The Age of Insecurity'

Posted by: Lark on December 03, 1999 at 15:55:00:

In Reply to: An attempt at friendly persuasion posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on December 02, 1999 at 11:04:25:

(SDF Green Keynesianism is impossible)

I'd recommend you read a book called 'The Age of Insecurity' by Larry Elliot and co. I could try to present the arguments and reasoning but it would no doubt do it in such a half assed fashion no one could appreciate it.

Growth centrecism is a definite problem and job creation is going to become increasingly impossible as the means of production/technology changes and the information/e-commerce cant absorb the unemployed.

: Let's try to avoid utopias that condone the dictatorship of the owning classes, or money.

Oh, yeah, definitely but lets improve things for people in the mean time aswell.

: : Participatory Economics fails,

: SDF: Lark, keep in mind that Bill Gates participates in "participatory economics" on a completely different level than you or I.

That's entirely different brand of economics to the ideas of Mike Albert etc. check out south end press:Boston SDF.

: : Council Communism fails, Syndicalism fails, Mutualism fails, Communist federalism fails I can keep on reorganising my utopia until something works whereas your all stuck with what Trotsky etc. said.

: SDF: Your open-mindedness will be useful to you if you apply yourself to a theoretical and realistic assessment of what can be done. The question I think you need to look at is one regarding the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE and its domination by MONEY under capitalism.

Oh yeah definitely it's better than being chained to the ideas of some grand planner like Trotsky etc. but I'd say domination. is the enamy, money it's current guise.

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