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Posted by: Frenchy on December 03, 1999 at 21:14:38:

MDG: 2) They lose the support of mainstream society, and rightfully so.

: Qx: Maybe you can explain this one a little better. Has it occurred to you that the instances
of violence actually serve as a diversion from the other protests going under way against the

That has absolutely occurred to me, which is why I was dismayed to see those idiots in black
garb running around breaking windows. In the cause closest to my heart, animal rights, you
have millions of thoughtful activists, who engage in countless thoughtful acts of protest, but all
it takes is one idiot to mail a razor-blade laden envelope to a vivisector, and bingo, the animal
rights movement is labelled a terrorist movement, and to hell with the issues. Pisses me off
more than you can know.

If mainstream society (US society that sees the boss as buddy) doesn't support the
anti-WTO protests then they're goddamn fools.

Yes, or to be charitable, woefully ignorant (by choice and/or design).

It's going to affect everybody in a bad way. It ranges from farming, worker's rights and
much, much more. The world doesn't have time for US mainstream society to support
anti-WTO protests. If Americans (especially pseudo-conservative pro-capitalists) want to
think that's all much ado about nothing then they will learn their lesson. It's that simple.

Agreed. What tickles me is that anyone who supports big business, but is not themselves
rich, is a fool who will only be hurt by his own political stance.

: MDG: I know the damned WTO is a weapon, but a meeting of WTO reps, all sitting in a
room and talking, does not have the immediate violence of police beating union organizers, or
protesters breaking McDonald's windows, and like it or not, people react to immediate
violence first, and only consider the indirect violence of sedate corporate meetings in the
absence of anything more fiery.

: Qx: And that's the problem. If guys the likes of Frenchy, Joel Jacobson, Stuart Gort had
much capacity for critical thinking in regards to capitalism then delusional pro-capitalist rants
would have much less of an impact on maintream American society. Keep in mind that
there's another problem to the violence that the WTO is about to render legal globally. It's
long-term class warfare by the rich against the poor and the resident pro-capitalists here will
just love it for the sake of personal ego stroking. That's how people react to long-term
violence. Thay rationalize the indirect violence of sedate corporate meetings in the absence of
anything more fiery.

And in the end, all but a tiny minority will suffer, including the Frenchy Gorts. And who
knows, the human race may even succeed in wiping itself out by raping the earth beyond
repair. If that happens, I'll mourn, but only for the animals.

Everybody is simply blind to the realities of the world except one guy who puts animal life above human life and his pal.
I suspect their both gradute students. You can't be this stupid, or delusional, w/o training.

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