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Someone who defends private ownership of the means of production, or special privileges of varying degrees

Posted by: Stoller on December 04, 1999 at 00:18:50:

In Reply to: what exactly do you mean by 'petty-bourgousie'? posted by Lark on December 03, 1999 at 14:22:37:

: The SR's where a socialist party that wished to bring about change through agrarian reform...

Exactly. 'Some' private ownership of the means of production.

: Therefore, what exactly do you mean by 'petty-bourgousie'?

See title. Refer to this post for future reference.

: The New Economic Policy, which you no doubt would consider a betrayal of the revolution as it allowed for relative inequality?

Not at all. I've said before that it was PROOF that Lenin WASN'T a dictator.

BTW, if Trotsky was as authoritarian as you claim, why did he CATAGORICALLY RULE OUT the possibility of ousting Stalin while he (Trotsky) still commanded incredible loyalty from the RED ARMY? A question for you to ponder...

: 'My Party, Right or Wrong' a Statement for you to ponder....

That's a dodge.

If you read Trotsky's Revolution Betrayed, especially pages 94 - 100, then you know he ADMITTED THE MISTAKES THE BOLSHEVIKS MADE.

Now, how about ANSWERING my question above?

: You clearly hold this person in high regard and so in trying to debate the issues and critically assess them I run the risk that you will consider these facts insults (this is unfortunate and seldom the case among free thinking anarchos or socialists), I do not consider your statement here to be fact but a mere defence of a position you consider to be important, like a Catholic defending the Spanish Inquisition because they think that questioning it would lead to a challenge of the church itself.


: Trotsky was making a terrible statement to a congress (as the earlier statement of Crick indicated) on the importance of blind loyalty, or at least uncritical loyalty...

Are you sure you read The Revolution Betrayed?

Lenin never said the higher phase of communism would take place BEFORE the civil war determined which class was EVEN IN POWER.

: It's small issues like this...

The Civil War was a SMALL ISSUE?

: ...Humans are prone to error, so I dont seek to defend them errors and all...

I'm not. See the end of this post, please...

: When someone says to me they are a Marxian Socialist I consider it to something very similar to those who consider themselves Christian Socialists, there is a great element of thought in each that should be restricted to the private realm, in one it's religious inclination, in the other philosophical inclination, each have their prophets and I would prefer an order without prohpets and a mere socialism.

Enjoy your eclecticism.

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