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Posted by: Barry Stoller on December 04, 1999 at 00:26:37:

Nigel plays a mean guitar, he's going to be a superstar
With tunes that are a cut above and words that do justice to love
But now he loads trucks at a dock, listening to others rock
His hands are calloused, his back aches,
and he's not pleased with what he makes;

Jennifer is beautiful, she's going to be a top model
And live the life on the west coast , and end up as a talk show host
But now she cuts hair at the mall, enduring talk that's truly small
Her legs are stiff, her feet are sore, and working there is such a bore;

Itís no surprise such fantasies attract young working people
Because of our media, fame and wealth seem plausible
As only a fraction of jobs need higher education
White collar work seems as remote as any other heaven;

Aaron has belief in fate, he's going to be a baseball great
He can see his name in lights, a million dollars every night
But now he works the fry station at Mickey D's in South Boston
He dreams and looks out the window,
His feet firmly stuck in limbo.

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