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Now I know why Moe always bonked Curly and Larry's heads together

Posted by: Stoller on December 06, 1999 at 11:05:33:

In Reply to: value is being created every day, every hour posted by Frenchy on December 03, 1999 at 16:40:54:

Under one system nothing is valued, capitalists know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Lark show how 'socialist' he is by paraphrasing that 'radical,' Oscar Wilde.

Frenchy responds...

But Lark, value is being created every day, every hour precisely by the method of a person, or a combination of persons, coming together with a plan for a new mouse trap.

Yes, Frenchy has it right---at first.

'People' make commodities which, when sold, make profits. The 'people' working are the working class and the 'people' profiting are the vampire class.

Alas for Frenchy, he doesn't know when to stop when he's ahead...

If you insist that you have the real truth, the straight skinny, you've got to be able to prove it, not just say abracadabra! surplus value! and control markets by diktat.

Accusing Lark of advocating 'diktat' fails to consider ONLY A MILLION posts where Lark REJECTS all socialist authority---favoring instead a mythical, magical utopia where, according to Lark, a non-existent state would provide welfare to everyone who doesn't want to work (including John Galt?). This in addition to Lark's utter disregard for the working class (who, presumably, would make such utopian abundance possible---but nevemind)...

As for Frenchy,a working class man sustained by table scraps thrown to him by the capitalists he nonetheless WORSHIPS, I ask: Could there be a more compelling argument AGAINST open party membership? Or would REJECTING the likes of Frenchy be 'vanguardism'?

Fair-weather socialists who support 'some' inequality and 'some' private ownership of the means of production, feel free to enlighten me on this point...

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