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WTO and Quiz for Dr. Cruel and Frenchy

Posted by: William Phalon ( Yamanashi University, Japan ) on December 06, 1999 at 11:19:34:

In Reply to: My adoring fans... posted by Dr. Cruel on December 03, 1999 at 11:09:16:

Let us all celebrate the small victory over WTO! It is temporary and we must be constantly vigilant, but we should take solace in this moment.

Now, I have a quiz for Dr. Cruel and Frenchy. Who wrote the following words?

"Masters . . .enter into particular combinations to sink the wages of labour even below (the minimum) rate. These are always conducted with the utmost silence and secrecy, till the moment of execution, and when the workmen yield, as they sometimes do, without resistance, though severely felt by them, they are never heard of by other people."

Who said this, and went on to speak out against the "masters" using the government to break up unions? Was it:
Karl Marx; John Maynard Keynes or Adam Smith?

The answer is Adam Smith, and if you read him closely, you'd find that he would strongly objectwhat those in power do in the name of the "free-market", and to you, you sycophants.

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