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Australian capitalism

Posted by: adam ( Australia ) on December 06, 1999 at 11:36:13:

In Reply to: Another Prometheus Bound fairy tale and another End of History bedtime story posted by Stoller on December 02, 1999 at 11:02:04:

ok, in laymans terms i'll try to understand you
ok so if we look at the scientific development of Australia
Captain Cook- on his Jupitar moons observations in southern Pacific- Somoan Islands and Australia

-- implying that all the purpose of starting a neo-colonial settlement was for scientific purposes, therefore, the breakdown of Australian Society is due to Anglo-Saxon over-production
eg,1820-to the present-- Mining and Timber and
1900 Population Waste because the town of Adelaide similar in popuation to slum areas of middle class England because Adelaide was a high production area back then,
but Australia didn't have Capitalism till
1950's, when the then Prime -Minister, sold us off to car manufacturing Giants, the reason being, so we could have a reasonable excuse to maintain our roads so that the Japanese don't come in and invade our poor defences in Northern Australia, because, no cars up their, ment no roads, which meant no help too

the only major Monopoly Australia has now is with Cable Entertainment, Because Rupter Murdock (now with an American residency, rose up from his Fathers Newspaper monopoly to take oover British TV, and Lastly-- Americas FOX cable
i suppose my time line and examples are wrong, but i thought i'd try to explain Australian capitalism for you, does it sound resonable?

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