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Shouting down the opposition

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on December 06, 1999 at 16:32:17:

In Reply to: How about http://www.n30.org ? posted by Farinata on December 06, 1999 at 13:42:45:

Insofar as the delegates of the conference had grievances in regards the larger players, of course some non-violent coersion is likely at play. If the activists were to 'spotlight' this sort of activity, rather than participate in what amounts to adolescent rebellion, something positive might have been accomplished. As it was, the conference fizzled out, no doubt inspiring the local 'civil-disobeyers-on-the-block' to more world shaking activism in the future.

Meanwhile a real agreement on trade is still important. Free trade is a no-brainer; the problem is how to organize it without it becoming a concession for cartels, or a means for the larger powers (and the EU is far worse in this regard than the U.S.) to set up even more restrictive trade barriers in the name of 'free markets'. One ought also to come to some across-the-board agreements on certain issues, such as overfishing - the Georges Bank is virtually fished out, stupidly over-exploited by international fishing concerns not in compliance with some poorly enforced restrictions on the region. The Canadians have taken good care of the sliver they control, and are furious (my information is dated ... 1991 or so?) at the intruders that 'stray' into their waters, to get at the few fish that remain.

The WTO, amongst other things, is a forum for the nations of the world to come to agreements on trade. Stifling this dialogue is nothing to be proud of, and I'm rather steamed that the various parties were not brave enough, or committed enough, to come to at least some form of detente in this regard. Very sad.

"Doc" Cruel

(...and now I'll check on your site...)

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