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a little on Marx's personal life....or; a parasite's portrait.

Posted by: Frenchy on December 07, 1999 at 10:53:50:

In Reply to: with regard to parasites posted by septimus on December 06, 1999 at 11:34:26:

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: : Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro et al.
: : Get a grip.

: I have a problem understanding how you can make a distinction between the parasitic nature of Gates with that of Castro or Stalin. One distinction which it might be possible to make is that the most successful parasites don't kill their hosts - thereby ruling out most of the people you mention.

The distinction is easily made; Gates earned every dime he has by the sweat of his brow. I know that he stepped over many people to get to his current position, but every one of his competitors knew before they entered the arena what the deal was, what competion at that level is all about. Stalin, Castro and other similar deadbeats gained power through the barrel of a gun and those who stood in their way were, ahh, 'liquidated'.

: By the way, how on earth do you classify Marx as a parasite? All he did was write a few books. He didn't actually benefit from Marxism or anything.

Either you don't know very much about Marx or you believe that I don't. Marx, as a person, was the consumante parasite. His marriage was based on his hopes of attaining his wife's familiy's capitalist lucre. This proved to be impossible, although his wife's family did assign a maid to him, who he eventually impregnated and subsequently denied his paternity. The young man was adopted by another couple.
So how did he support himself? Work, right? Wrongo Bucko! He was supported by Engels all of his life because he was working on his opun, 'Das Kapital'.
Well, at least Engels labored to earn his bread.
Wrong again, genius. He was in effect supported by his capitalist father too, being made manager of this factory or that one. If either on of these bozos were alive today, they'd be sleeping in doorways.

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