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You shouldn't oughta see what's gonna happen next, Yakky...

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on December 07, 1999 at 10:54:07:

In Reply to: Freedom of thought in Sweden, or, 'oh, it's just that racist Frenchy again'... posted by Frenchy on December 06, 1999 at 11:04:51:

The tag of 'fascist' is a powerful weapon, one that the Left is quick to use. To be deemed a "neo-Nazi" is to virtually become a non-person, irrespective of your views. Meanwhile, the labelling of people as communists by Sen. McCarthy is still considered a high crime.

This enthusiasm for civil disobedience noticably cools in respect to anti-abortion activists. The voice for social justice audibly softens in regards to a school voucher system. The Left has even found common cause with fundamentalist Christians, when dealing with the issue of pornography. Feminists were exceptionally cautious and circumspect when addressing their collective opinion in reference to the O.J. Simpson trial, a reticence they did not show when confronting Mr. Clarence Thomas with his old employee, Anita Hill. All of these issues reflect a strong bias in favor of whatever might happen to be the "party line" of the moment. The Left does not value freedom of thought amongst its rank-and-file, especially within their core elite; one's position there is always a stressful balancing act, when any sort of conciliatory expression or quote might get one canned.

This is why I normally perk my ears when I hear the Leftists mark a pundit as a "Neo-Nazi". I want to find out what was said that aggrieved them so. More often than not, there isn't much to hear (a truth common to so much these days), but sometimes one can get a warning of the next big "scheme" that the Left is readying themselves for.

Then, of course, there's Reagan, that most famous "fascist" of them all.

"Doc" Cruel

P.S. Considering the track record of those-in-the-know, you're not likely a racist, Frenchy. (And the Swedes should talk, of all people...!)

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