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Some of my thoughts on: Some thoughts on 'the protests'

Posted by: Japan Bill on December 07, 1999 at 14:50:57:

In Reply to: Some thoughts on 'the protests' posted by Barry Stoller on December 07, 1999 at 11:02:03:

: A far more likely possibility is that capitalists, in collusion with First World workers (led by union mismanagers), WOULD find such a situation acceptable: pay Third World workers $3 while First World workers go on receiving 10 times a much. THAT, I'm afraid, has been the historical model for this century.

: It would behoove sensible people to realize that REAL opposition to the W.T.O. and everything it represents is, for the most part, in the hands of the Third World proletariat. Sure, we can protest once in a while (calling in sick from our jobs, perhaps) but the real protest usually comes from those who experience the horrors of EARLY capitalism. They are the greatest hope of First World socialists.

: One thing we can do here in the cushy First World is remember: when imperialism breaks out in active trade disputes (as it inevitably must), THE ENEMY IS AT HOME.
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: Notes:

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I agree with this, but I do not take back my words of congratulation for the people who--yes--stopped the WTO. It was momentary, to be sure, and there will always remain work to be done. But just because I cheered doesn't mean I'm not "sensible."

While I have no quarrel with the content of the above letter, its condescending tone--with its talk of what "sensible people realize"--is indicative of what's wrong with so many members of the opposition. Furthermore, it has been my experience that this attitude is very common in Red groups like the Sparts.

Word to the wise--people don't like to be talked down to Mr. Lenin-head. Keep it up with letters like that one and you and you're party will keep attracting the people you are attracting: Freaks

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