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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 07, 1999 at 14:51:49:

In Reply to: Are you for the WTO? posted by Quincunx on December 07, 1999 at 10:50:44:

: This is a serious issue gee. Do you like the WTO? Do you think that these kinds of organizations started up by the rich and for the rich will actually enhance capitalism? If yes please explain why. If not, please explain why not?

I dont think they are necessary - nor is 'capitalism', ie unrestricted (by law) movement of people and goods and unrestricted (by law) voluntary exchange of goods, something which requries a WTO to work.

I think they dont enhance capitalism in this context if they are being organized for the specific benefit of exclusive organisations. they then become more like governments.

I dont by this 'right to self determination' nonsense in the sense that a country has this 'right', but the individuals in it are to be subjected to whatever the non human entity of 'country', ie state, decides. But the WTO, like the UN, in getting involved is more likely to do damage to, rather than assist, the development of free trade in that there is too much 'cronyism' between officials.

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