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Do you have a gap in you Kolb cycle

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 08, 1999 at 14:45:39:

In Reply to: Stuart's understudy? posted by Barry Stoller on December 07, 1999 at 21:47:01:

BS spouts the usual 'arguments' in the form of ad hominens, I shall try and pick over the attacks for anything worth considering.

Passing over the hatred of ability and the 'must have' belief that no one is more capable than any other.... The belief that all capitalists (business owners) take the role described by BS is comic, that he seems genuinely to believe it is almost tragic.

: His prejudice is that socialism must be spontaneously voluntary---or nought. This, not surprisingly, is a handy straw man to defeat with the tired human nature thesis.

The belief that BS and a merry band of gun toting rebels can seize power, nominally on behalf of the working class he condescends with the very notion of having to lead them to water, has been catastrophically played out so often on earth that one must assume BS has a gap in his Kolb learning cycle.

: People (even savages) have done it ONLY because it is MORE EFFICIENT than individual, atomized labor.

Until the first chance to escape it, and evidently become more efficient than had heretofore been dreamed of.

: Changing 'profit' to 'gain' is hardly a breakthrough. Lumping the 'motivation' of millionaires and paupers so cavalierly is intellectual violence or bankruptcy---or both. Their 'motivations' are NOT AT ALL the same.

: To deny the principle 'i want more' is acting for the millionaire and the pauper is an evasion. Skinners example is worthwhile, but doesnt contravene the above basic motivation.

: Is this EVIDENCE that Gee has NEVER seen a paycheck in his life?

Oh dear, what a socialist embarrasment, a rampant Leninist who thinks the paycheck you get, with its shown deducted taxes, means you paid the tax out of your income. Please read Red Deathy's post for clarification, then do comback with some half hearted back pedalling about how "its all the workers wealth really and so, erm... you didnt mean that and well, erm.... youre all wrong!"

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