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Message from a pseudo-God to a pseudo-Demon

Posted by: MDG on December 08, 1999 at 16:32:28:

In Reply to: the duty of the US is to it's citizens, not to the citizens of another land. posted by Frenchy on December 08, 1999 at 11:08:43:

: Even tin gods ought to be treated with respect once in a while.

Nice to see you're finally learning some manners. But onward:

: But this last post only shows all to well how undivine you are, how uhh, well, looney a tin God can be.

I withdraw my previous comment.

: I see no reason why those who live in other countries ought not to be treated like adults. If they want to commit murder against their fellow countryman with weapons they bought from the US, well, good hunting, I say.

And if we put them up to it, as we readily did in 3rd World Countries during the Cold War (e.g. El Salvador, Angola), aren't we at least as guilty as if we pulled the trigger ourselves (don't bother answering; I no you'll say no)?

:The solution is to encourage the citizens of those countries of the benefits of having a Second Amendment to protect themselves with.

Then they can enjoy high rates of gun-related violence just like us!

:We all know, after all, how governments can and do become tyrannical.

No, we all don't know that. Reactionary conservatives and knee-jerk libertarians aside, most people prefer governments to anarchy.

:But the duty of the US is to it's citizens, not to the citizens of another land.

We certainly don't act that way when providing arms and money and training and personnel to other countries. But then, I don't believe we ought to ignore the plight of human beings simply because they live in another country -- it's just too bad that lately, our involvement is all too often on behalf of the oppressors against the oppressed.

: Besides, I've got a hunch that if the US were to send troops in to protect the citizentry from a brutal and repressive government there'd be lots of concern on college campi.

Maybe, maybe not, but there'd be a lot LESS concern on college campuses if we stopped aiding brutal and repressive governments (for a change).

: Remember Viet-Nam?

The right-wingers' favorite war?

: It's ironic, but given the history of college students and their craven support of Ho,

How many really supported Ho? The majority were against the war, not in favor of communism -- sorry to burst your bubble.

:I wouldn't be a bit surprised that if the US did send troops into some third world banana republic the college students in America would stand up for the dictator instead of the people.

Relax. As long as people like you continue to run this country, that ain't gonna happen.

: Then bug out for Canada.

Refuse and resist!

: Right Nickel Jack?

Right, Beezelbub.

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