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Education and agitation

Posted by: Stoller on December 08, 1999 at 20:51:53:

In Reply to: Party Line posted by Bill on December 08, 1999 at 10:58:41:

: : Something wrong with the Sparts?

: Yes, there is. While I do have a general agreement with them, they're a lot like you, giving people the correct party line as it is written in the Gospels of Lenin and Trotsky. What's more, they spend too much of their time obsessing about what other leftist groups are doing, hollering about "shamed-faced defections from Trotskyism!" and the like.

Perhaps simply saying 'capitalism is bad' like a mantra is more constructive. WE ALL KNOW CAPITALISM IS BAD. The positive program involves WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. That, I believe, is what the Spatacist League does. It's the process of finding the revolutionary theory that will surmount the capitalist challege.

: People in Seattle--comfortable First Worlders, were getting beat up by the cops for their views. They deserve our support.

Please read my FIRST paragraph again; my support was indicated. I supported the ONE DAY of protests for what they were; you seem to wish to eternalize those protests.

: Read the postings on this site!

Painful as it sometimes is, I have ALWAYS read EVERY post on this board. Do you?

: There is only education, agitation and then more education more agitation. Education about what the bourgeosie are doing and agitation to make them stop. At this point in the struggle, I think Leon, VI, and Karl would agree.

Education and agitation is what I have been doing.

If you don't like my position or presentation, all the power to you. Go elsewhere.

I will still speak my mind as I see fit.

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