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'Wealth creation' is like 'creation science'

Posted by: Stoller on December 08, 1999 at 23:56:43:

In Reply to: So define 'wealth' without reference to any physical criteria, then. posted by Farinata on December 08, 1999 at 14:45:51:

Here's a few tonnes of random material from our planet - you try and turn it into something useful - its not poker, and no amount of 'talking up' will change it into a car, plow or PC.

: Firstly, you haven't created anything physically new; the physical components of the lump are as they were before the state change. This means that any added value is entirely subjective and immaterial.

No, there's nothing 'subjective and material' about WHAT changes random material into a commodity; that transformation is LABOR.

[T]he act of transforming something which people do not find useful (tonnes of iron ore and coal) into something they do find use for (iron, then cars etc etc etc). That process is wealth creation.


Only Gee (following the economic comic books of Ayn Rand) thinks that ideas (of Promethean capitalists) 'create' wealth apart from labor.

BTW, ecological conservation and socialism are MOST compatible.

The ecological failures of the former Soviet state and bloc only demonstrated the failure of socialism in the Stalinist degeneration.

Capitalism, on the hand, destroys the environment when capitalism is functioning NORMALLY.

Real socialism---one based on production for human needs, not the profits of the few---will engender conservation.

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