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Yet more for Stuart (on first name terms, again?)

Posted by: Stoller on December 09, 1999 at 10:23:07:

In Reply to: ...less for Barry posted by Stuart Gort on December 08, 1999 at 20:44:49:

: My labor (all $120,000 worth of it - which by the way according to your theory is only a small portion of what I actually produced for my bosses) was invested into my business. Should I lose that? Deal with my labor as expressed by the capital required for the startup of this business and say why that should be someone else's (my employees). Then tell me what I am due for 4 years of non-compensated research and development.

OK, fair enough, let's take this step by step.

I thought you were referring to your 'compensation' since being a capitalist. You instead refer to your capital---which was created by your PRIOR labor wages (equal to $120,000).

I didn't catch that distinction---and I appreciate a chance to get to your question as it's now been clarified for me.

You earned those wages (and, as you suggest, you created EVEN MORE for the capitalists you worked for then).

That's NOT to say that putting together $120,000 (were you union, by any chance?, that's a lot of money. . .) entitled you to then exploit the labor of others.

You're due the $120,000---but NOT the power it (presently) has to alienate the labor of OTHERS.

Your '4 years of non-compensated research and development,' on the other hand was, as you say, non-compensated. That is to say, under the logic of capitalism, it had no value. If it isn't PAID work, it simply isn't work (housewives have heard that for generations). Therefore, your 4 years = zip.

In the socialist future, of course, work will be measured by OTHER things than money. Hell, there might not BE any money.

There will always be use-values, of course---andSOCIETY AS A WHOLE will determine them (not just some minority).

In the socialist future, hard workers with a lot of good ideas and incentive will be 'natural born' leaders. We will know of their abilities far and wide (much more than we do today) becuase money won't obscure REAL accomplishments from false ones (think: Dan Qualye).

I mean, if you're going to defend the capitalism that makes 'self-made men' like you, you also have to defend the capitalism that makes idiots like Dan Qualye rich, too.

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