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Stuff your morality

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on December 09, 1999 at 10:24:25:

In Reply to: Capitalist Charity: Robbing from the poor (wokers) and giving to the poorer (unemployed) posted by Stoller on December 07, 1999 at 10:49:19:

:: Correction: Gates took the surplus value that his employees created FOR HIM and then transferred it, gratis, to others.

Correct me when your covetous assertions are proven, Barry. You're quite arrogant to suggest (as a tiny squeak in a great big contradictory world) that you are right about anything. I know your contrived morality suggests that nothing owned by Gates is rightfully his but I don't see it your way and neither do any laws of this land.

:: As 'charitable' as this might be, it penalizes those who ACTUALLY made the wealth in the first place (the workers).

And your utopian ideals will penalize, stigmatize, and demoralize any person wishing to rise above another. True equality can never be created from the stock of mankind. Men vary in aspirations.
Some men cannot create or solve problems. They will never add to the creative effort required to run a business. They may make a fine laborer but they won't have any labor to do without the entreprenuers.
Saying that an entreprenuer takes surplus value and that labor "made the wealth in the first place" completely ignores the creative component of business success.

:: In reality, feudal lords, slave-holders and capitalists alike CREATE social relations that EXPROPRIATE surplus value from those who work and distribute it to those who do not (including charitable causes).

There is no such thing as surplus value Barry. You and your covetous ilk fabricated it so Robin Hood can live on. When I set out to start this business, my ambition wasn't to "create social relations" as you say. It was to make a good living. Life is far less subtle and intricate than you think, Barry. You are only rationalizing your own lack of productivity by over analyzing these social relations.

Marx was too. He would have been better off working for a living.

Stuart Gort

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