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A label you havent denied, God knows I've given you enough opportunity.

Posted by: Lark on December 09, 1999 at 11:44:32:

In Reply to: I've simply been labeled a Nazi posted by Frenchy on December 09, 1999 at 10:50:42:

: No, no, no, I've simply been labeled a Nazi, a common tactic used by lefties whenever they can't convince their brand of magical thinking isn't the most noble in the world.

A label you have not sought to deny, you hold openly racist views, support the accounts of noted Neo-nazi terrorists and your rabid anti-communism isnt a reaction to brutalism it's a reaction to brutalism that isnt your own brand of brutalism. I dont give a shit if your not socialist, you might not have realised by confronted with your facism Frenchy the communists etc., well maybe not Stroller but he's different, have been singing the praises of Gee a Capitalist par excellence for his anti-facist ability to debate rationally etc.

: Other labels I've been awarded are 'racist', 'homophobe', 'mysogynist', and 'registered Republican'.

Well, If you adhear to these beliefs what's your problem with the label? Finding that civilised society thinks your an outsider?

: I should consider myself lucky though, if you guys actually did gain power, you'd throw everybody in a mental institution as the Russkys used to do with their dissenters. And the Chinese, and Cubans.

Really? Goes to show you've ignored every word we, the commies I think you call us, have said, still better than throwing all the blacks, political dissenters and non-facist catholics in concentration camps like you would.

: Don't you find it ironic, McSpotlight, to use the freedoms of a democratic country to carry out your personal vendetta against McDonalds, to fight for a political system that so freely engages in censorship?

I suppose you support McDonalds vendetta against opposition then? Or is it just Commie opposition? Oh, that's right Facists like you support McDonalds brutalism and censorship as a model of good god fearing civil society (hear that, I really am scoffing at your views now so you can go ahead and cry, loser).

: By the way, why didn't you post my witty comebacks about Sam being invited to blow his pal? I thought you didn't practice censorship.

That'd have added so much to the debate.

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