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A lesson in Trot tactics

Posted by: Lark on December 09, 1999 at 11:46:08:

I hope everyone looks upon this room as an example of how the trots have fucked up revolution all through history:

1)Russia everyone has to be part of the vanguard, no revolutionaries outside the revolution, (no christians outside the true church, this is all familiar) everyone else is a traitor, kill the kronstadt sailor and end up getting killed yourselves.
2)Spain everyone has to be part of the vanguard, all the anarchists etc. are traitors all the trots got killed with everyone else.

Today here, when everyone doesnt accept their blueprints and mormon like leadership they're 'liberals' (read traitors), so we have sectarianism while there is a semi-united capitalist front being put up by the opposition and the menace of facism in the guise of frenchy.

I dont think it's what's wrong with this picture, I think it's this picture isnt new.

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